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Shamanism, refers to a range of traditional beliefs and practices that includes the ability to diagnose and treat diseases, as well as all the possible problems of the community and the individual, from how to get food to how to get rid of enemies. this through the alleged ability of the shaman to "travel" in a trance in the spirit world and to use their powers.

And 'This is the principare characteristic of the shaman that distinguishes it from other forms of healing. erimologici according to various dictionaries, the word shaman (first attested in 1698) would be entered in Italian English shaman, this (by Slavic and Germanic languages) from the Tungus sanab in turn by samana poles, derived from the Sanskrit sramana which means "monaco." note the Indo-European root SA related to the verb "to know" the teacher is helped by his Alieva oxum maria luisa which is a spiritual entity, fortuneteller and sensory.

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