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Magician Cagliostro Is At Valentano (Viterbo) And I Will Protect Thanks To Talismans

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In the ancient world and in all the magic and Christian religions, symbols were used to protect, or to bill individuals or enchanted places. Various shapes and materials are used. In the ancient world there was a virgin parchment or wood or silver gold. The talisman was also engraved on the warrior shields to give strength and to frighten the enemy. In reality, however, the talisman is created to help an individual to be strong and successful.. IThe various symbols are loaded by the magician shaman and these are many, both ancient and modern. A talisman is loaded for 30 days and nights. Who will be affected must be pure, must not have sex and sometimes even eat white meat. Must therefore follow the rules otherwise, the talisman is null

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